BOOgalization Manifesto

a short outline on a musical movement initiated and headed by the Dos Hermanos.

The BOOgalization Movement is based on the evolution of the original Boogaloo wave of the end of the sixties, which merged different musical influences and dance styles, reinvented and reduced the orchestral organisation of the big Bands of this time, rearranged and simplified rhythmic structures without narrowing or guiding the taste of the audience into any specific direction. The BOOgalization movement implies an intensive conviction of music, politics, religion and success.

Fusinization: Combination and reinterpretation of existing styles of music and dance in order to create the roots that shatter any kind of overspecialized taste and to fertilize the soil for a new and allembracing obsession with MUSIC.

Counterpointation: Adding a new massinfluencing aspect to a missinfluencing musical industry.

Simplifization: Reducing the amount of band members to flexibilize the transport of message and the means of persuasion. Effortless identification with the head of the movement.

Rhythmic Reduction: Dance, Baby!

Tongueinization (Babylonization): Composition of different languages, dialects, mumbo-jumbo, blathering and smoke to create a new form of expression to reach and influence each and everyone’s mind instantly.

BOOgalization is pure and intensive.


Join the BOOgalization Movement – now! BOOGALIZE!

(Not to be mixed with Boogalicism!)

Das Manifest auf Deutsch gibt’s hier